'A Pontic Greek History', is a bo­­ok written by Sam Topalidis and published right here in Canberra. The book was written primarily to allow Pontic Greeks to know more about their Pontic Greek heritage. “I wrote the book to further Pontic Greek culture and to describe my mother's stories of her family roots”. 

Several copies of the book are in the Canberra Libraries and in the Australian National Library. 

If people are interested in purchasing copies of the book, orders can be made through this website. The total cost including postage (in Australia) is $23.50.

PONTOS - The Movie



Pontos is the story of two men who face the horrific elements of genocide.Set during the era of the Pontian Genocide (1919) Pantzo, a Pontian farmer living in his native land Pontos, is attacked by a Turkish soldier known as Kemal. The attack leads to a catastrophic sequence of events that bring these two men together once more and will leave one man tourmented for the rest of his life!

Pontos is Peter Stefanidis' first film. Headed by a brilliant cast including Lee Mason (Kemal) and Ross Black (Pantzo), this 10 minute drama is a testimate to all those who suffered and are suffering the effects of Genocide, the worst crime humanity has inflicted on itself.

 ‘Pontos’ manages in a few minutes, what Hollywood blockbusters cannot achieve in grinding hours: an insight into soul-blinding hatred, coupled with redemption and resolution. - Dean Kalimniou (Neos Kosmos, Australia) 25 June 2007.

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