Dear Friends, 

Welcome to our new web site .

The Canberra Pontian Club has become an official reality after many years of informal presence in the person, the vision and actions of the late Tom  Efkarpidis.

As you would be aware the Pontian Greeks come from a world in exile and a people dislocated. Nevertheless, three generations and ten thousand kilometers away from home, the customs are rejuvenated and the spirit remains alive.

In Canberra our presence may be limited and our resources inadequate. Nevertheless, in the spirit of the ‘necessity that becomes history’ we come to get together in the hope and the belief that what we have deserves to be retained and communicated. In the spirit of unity, our Club has joined with the Federation of Pontian Associations of Australia. By doing this, we have contact with the fellow Pontians around the country and a link with the happenings in Greece.

As a first step, the Canberra Pontian Club will start arranging social events that will give us the opportunity to establish a sense of community. Afterwards, we will be articulating a cultural agenda, which will be the result of your suggestions and initiatives. Throughout, we maintain that the only prerequisite for joining us, is - to quote from our forefathers – “to think like us”.

With all this in mind, I invite you to join the Club and become part of a tradition and a memory that will be forever living.

With Pontian Greetings

John Efkarpidis